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Calculate the energy associated with the photon that would be released when an H electron falls fro the n=3 energy level to the n=1 energy level. show work if possible so I can understand how to do it. Thanks in advance!!!

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    I can't type this in the format you want because the site won't handle it. So n1 will be a and n2 will be b.
    1/wavelength = R(1/a^2 - 1/b^2)
    n1 = a = 1. 1^2 = 1
    n2 = b = 3. b^2 = 9
    1/wavelength = R(1/1 - 1/9).
    R = 1.0973E7
    wavelength will be in meters.
    Then E = hc/wavelength

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