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The chemical reaction for the generation of gas in an automobile safety air bag is 2NaN3(s)→ 2Na(s)+3N2(g)
What volume of gas is produced if there are 130.0 grams of NaN3 used in the
reaction? (The density of nitrogen gas is 0.916 g/L.) Please show your work.

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    2NaN3 ==> 2Na + 3N2
    mols N2 gas = grams/molar mass = x mols N2
    Using the coefficients in the balanced equation, convert mols N2 to mols NaN3. That's x mols N2*(2 mols NaN3/3 mols N2) = x mols N2*(2/3) = ? mols NaN3.
    Then ? mols NaN3 x molar mass NaN3 = grams NaN3.

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