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Chem 2

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Phosphorus pentachloride decomposes according to the chemical equation
PCl5<-->PCl3 +Cl2
A 0.260 mol sample of PCl5(g) is injected into an empty 2.75 L reaction vessel held at 250 °C. Calculate the concentrations of PCl5(g) and PCl3(g) at equilibrium.

Please help I'm not sure where to go after you solved for x (Using the quadratic formula)

I got x=0.0921

is this correct? and how do i get the PCl5 and PCl3 from that?

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    I can't check this without knowing Kc.
    If your value of x is correct that is the value of PCl3 and Cl2 because you probably did it this way.
    ........PCl5 ==> PCl3 + Cl2
    You can see x = (PCl3) = (Cl2) while (PCl5) = 0.0945-x

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    Sorry Kc is 1.8 at 250 degree C

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    You can check these things by substituting your value of x into the Kc expression and see if you come out with 1.8. I did this with 0.0921 and it doesn't pan out. When I solve the quadratic I obtained 0.09 for x and that checks out.

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