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Physical Sciences

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As a fighter pilot makes a tight turn (with his head toward the centre of curvature), the blood drains from his head, leading to loss of brain function. Once the radial acceleration
reaches about 4g, the pilot’s vision switches to black and white and narrows to “tunnel
vision”. If this acceleration is maintained, or increased, the pilot will lose all vision and
will black out. An F-22 Raptor pilot in a dogfight throws his aircraft into a tight turn
(r = 5.80 km) while flying at Mach 2.0. Is he likely to survive?

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    Type Mach 2 into Google and get back 681 m/s

    Ac = v^2/r = (681)^2/5800 = 80 m/s^2

    80/9.81 = 8.15 g

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