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What causes depression?

A. Genetic issues

B. Biochemical issues

C. There is no known cause

D. Environmental issues

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    Is it D ? Please help

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    Well, for starters, depression could be caused by several factors. It can be caused by abuse, certain medications, conflict, death or a type of lost, genetics, major events, some other personal problems, serious illnesses, and substance abuse.

    With that, I would probably go with genetic issues, since it is the only one of the answers will something from the list I said above.

    I also doubt that the answer would be D and B, but I could be wrong.

    I say go with either A or C. Since there are a lot of things that can cause depression, it seems as if there isn't a number one cause. That would be for C. For A, it could be, but I would say it because it was listed in what I said above.

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    I say go with C. To me, that would be the best answer, since there are several causes for it, and not a number one cause.

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    Okay I will pick it and let you know if that was correct after I finish the rest of my test. Thank You for help

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    I just founf in the the text:

    Depression has no known cause but is believed to result from several genetic, bio-chemical, environmental, or psychological factors.

    So it has to be C, but I will let you know later

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    That is good. I hope you do pretty good on your test, and I hope you get it right. :)

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    C was the correct answer;)

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    Great! I am glad that you got it right! :)

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