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I am thrown off by this question because they don't give a molecule to work with. Also i don't know how i would work the acid... help!

A 195 mL solution of a dilute acid is added to 102 mL of a base solution in a coffee-cup calorimeter. The temperature of the solution increases from 23.13 oC to 29.57 oC. Assuming the mixture has the same specific heat (4.184J/goC) and density (1.00 g/cm3) as water, calculate the heat (in J) transferred to the surroundings, qsurr

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    This is a heat problem, not a chemical problem so it really makes no difference at all about the identity of the acid or base.
    q = mass fluid x specific heat fluid x (Tfinjal-Tinitial)
    q is what you solve for.
    mass = 195 mL = 195 g with since density is 1.00 g/mL.
    specific heat is 4.184 J/g*C since you're dealing with H2O.
    delta T is T final - T initial.

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