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maths natural log

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In the beginning, only some white aigrettes live in a swamp. On a certain day, a group of black aigrettes migrate to the swamp. The population of the white aigrettes (W) and the black aigrettes (b)after t months are given by W= 1100e^(-0.08t) and b= 800- 750e^(-0.16t) respectively

How many aigrettes will live in the swamp after a very long time?

Could you pls kindly show me the steps since I got stuck in this question. Thx

  • maths natural log -

    Huh ?
    as t--> oo
    e^-anything t ----> 1/ e^big ---->0
    so W ---> 0
    and b ---> 800

    What happened was that the black increased form their initial 50 to their final 800 while destroying the white populations, typical invasive species.

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