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The high temperature X (in degrees Fahrenheit) on January days in Columbus, Ohio varies according to the Normal distribution with mean 21 and standard deviation 10.

The value of P(X < 10) is

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    I added the mean of 21 and SD of 10 and the probability is 0.9715. That is not one of my options, please help!

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    These are my options.

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    Well, it must be immediately obvious that .9715 is bogus. A score of 10 is more than a whole SD below the mean, so there is no way that P(x<10) > 1/2

    When I plugged in the data, I got P(x<10) = 0.1357

    Still not one of your choices. However, the closest is 0.3, since you know that the score is well below the mean.

    There's a typo somewhere in the problem or the answers.

    I get
    .30 = P(x<15 or x>26)
    .90 = P(x<33 or x>8)

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