February 21, 2017

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Posted by Dan on Friday, March 28, 2014 at 10:45pm.

A snowmobile, with a mass of 530 kg, applied a force of 410 N backwards on the snow.

a) What force is responsible for the snowmobile’s resulting forward motion? (Hint: Think action–reaction force pairs.)
b) If the force of friction on the snowmobile is 187 N backwards, what is the net force acting on the snowmobile?
c)What is the acceleration of the snowmobile?
d)If the snowmobile accelerates for 7.3 s, what is its final speed?
e)How far would the snowmobile travel in this time?
f)The image above shows a person being “thrown” backwards as the snowmobile accelerates underneath him. Why would this happen?

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