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Posted by Sandy on Friday, March 28, 2014 at 1:42pm.

I got think I got the following questions almost figured, but I just want someone to make sure that I am correct.

1) The whole experiment involves using the ideal gas law to predict the molar mass of an unknown liquid. The formula is molar mass of liquid = gR(0.0821)T(temperature in Kelvins) divided by Pressure(atm) multiplied by Volume (liters).

A student did not dry the erlenmeyer flask before weighing it. As a result of this error, would the molar mass be higher or lower than the correct value?
I said that the molar mass would be higher due to there is a greater difference in when one has to subtract the mass of the flask from the mass of the flask with the condensed liquid, there would be a greater difference and the mass of the substance would be calculated to be higher.

2) A student added 0.1mL of unknown liquid rather than 6mL to a 125mL flask. What effect would this action have on the calculated molar mass?

I said that there would be no difference because the volume of the flask is what the volume of the gas will be equal to.

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