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The density of 19.0% by mass of nitric acid, HNO3 is 1.11 g cm-3. Calculate the
volume (dm3) of acid needed to prepare 2.00 dm3 of 3.00 mol dm-3 HNO3
solution. (FW HNO3 = 63 g/mol)

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    First determine the concn of HNO3 in the 19.0% stuff.
    1.11 g/cc x 1000 cc x 0.19 x (1 mol/98 g) = estimated 2 mol/dm^3
    Then use the dilution formula of
    c1v1 = c2v2
    2*v = 2*3
    Solve for v = approx 3 dm^3
    Remember to recalculate all of the above.

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