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How-To Essay Evaluation (Writeacher)

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"In order to shoot a bow accurately, the first step to take is to determine your dominant eye (the eye from which a person prefers to receive visual input). While this action might have been what you least expected, by determining your dominant eye, you will ultimately improve your accuracy and ability to judge distances. Using proper archery equipment that corresponds with your dominant eye will also better your accuracy and ability to shoot from afar. However, if you are cross-dominant (one whose dominant eye, or master eye, differs from his or her strong hand), by all means, purchase a bow that corresponds with your eye dominance so that you can learn to shoot with both of your eyes open. Since you are likely an inexperienced archer and have not yet become accustomed to any manner of shooting, you will most likely be able to adapt to the off-handed bow fairly quickly.
The next step to take in order to shoot a bow properly is to assume the correct shooting stance or form. This action is especially vital in the art and sport of archery because the position of your feet during the shooting process can have a great effect upon where your arrow strikes. For instance, if your feet are not positioned properly, you may find yourself being pulled away from your body’s natural centering point. Thus, as a result, your body will fight to return to this location. Unfortunately, however, this action can often occur while you are shooting, which will ultimately impede your accuracy. Nevertheless, there are three basic stance positions to consider:
• Square Stance: The archer’s feet are in-line with one another (one behind another in a line or queue), thus drawing a perpendicular line to the target.
• Closed Stance: The front foot (one that is closest to the target) is placed forward from the front of the archer’s body so that the heel of his or her front foot is aligned with the toes of their back foot.
• Open Stance: The front foot (one that is closest to the target) is placed towards the archer’s backside so that the heel of his or her back foot is aligned with the toes of their front foot.
The greatest stance for you, regardless of whichever you choose, should feel comfortable and solid. This theory also applies to the hold of your bow, which also enables you to shoot a bow accurately. While often overlooked, the hold upon your bow is one of the most important elements in the entire shooting process. For example, improper and inconsistent hand position when holding your bow, or grasping your bow too tightly, can often lead to torque (a twisting force that tends to cause rotation).Thus, in order to hold your bow properly, you must turn your hand clockwise and lift your fingers slightly, letting the grip of your bow fall into the natural ‘pocket’ (a gap that is formed in your palm). However, if you cannot feel the pocket or if it has not yet formed, this is most likely because you are forcing your fingers open. This action causes the muscles in your palm to become strained. It makes the natural pocket disappear. Thus, once your fingers are around the bow, you must allow your hand and fingers to become as relaxed as possible so that the pocket may form."

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    Is this the body of your paper?

    Are you going to write an introduction and conclusion next?

  • How-To Essay Evaluation (Writeacher) - ,

    No, I have only been assigned to write a 3-paragraph ho-to essay.

  • How-To Essay Evaluation (Writeacher) - ,

    Writeacher, are you able to help me?

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    I need to leave soon.

  • How-To Essay Evaluation (Writeacher) - ,

    You need to have at least an introductory sentence and a conclusion sentence!!

    When I start reading your first paragraph, I have A VERY MUDDY IDEA what you're really writing about. Here's why ~~> We don't shoot bows! We use bows to shoot arrows!!

  • How-To Essay Evaluation (Writeacher) - ,

    You should NEVER post anything that has a time limit. You cannot bet that there's a tutor sitting around just waiting for you to post something!

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