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Suppose that Magnus' blood pressure can be modeled by the following function


Magnus' blood pressure increases each time his heart beats, and it decreases as his heart rests in between beats. In this equation, p(t)is the blood pressure in mmHg (millimeters of mercury), and t is the time in minutes.
Find the following. If necessary round to the nearest hundredth.
Amplitude of p
Number of heartbeats per minute
Time for one full cycle of p

  • trig -

    sin(anything) lies between -1 and +1
    so -18sin(71π t) lies between -18 and +18
    then p lies between 83-18 and 83+18
    or between 65 and 101

    period of your function = 2π/(71π) = 2/71 min
    or appr 1.69 seconds

    1.69 seconds = 1 beat
    1 second = 1/1.69 beats
    60 seconds = 60/1.69 beats= 35.5 beats

    Use my analysis to answer your questions.

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