March 30, 2017

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5. Which of the following types of pollution cannot be attributed to car and truck emissions?

A. acid rain
B. sedimentation
C. ozone
D. photochemical smog

6. Which of the following is a source of photochemical smog?

A. fossil fuels
B. wind energy
C. biomass fuels
D. nuclear energy

7. Which of the following is used to make biomass fuel?

A. coal
B. natural gas
C. plants and animal waste
D. petroleum

8. Which of the following energy sources is relatively expensive to set up, but has a low cost once it is in place?

A. natural gas
B. coal
C. nuclear power
D. solar power

9. In which of the following places is it more difficult to determine if there is pollution?

A. aquifer
B. stream
C. air
D. pond

11. Solar, wind, nuclear, and hydroelectric energy sources are similar in which of the following ways?

A. They are all nonrenewable energy sources.
B. They all require an indirect use of sunlight in order to make electricity.
C. They are all considered alternative energy sources.
D. They all require turbines to spin in order to create electricity.

13. How does using coal to generate electricity affect the environment? (1 point)

A. Using more coal reduces the amount of pollution from using oil.
B. Using coal improves the quality of nearby water.
C. Using coal, instead of wood from trees, helps improve the environment.
D. Using coal releases pollution into the atmosphere.

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    7, 11, 13 are still wrong.

    This is the last time I'll check these answers for you.

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    all answers please

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    @Stupid person failing

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    Sorry I was high that night. 13 is correct

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    Ms.Sue I know I am not part of this but I hope you know that there are a lot of kids on this site and I don't think you should be saying you have been using drugs. This is not a good influence on younger kids.

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    Thats a metaphor

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    ms. sue is savage lmayonnaise

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    do u kids realize theres a space in both sues

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