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1-2. My uncle decided to splurge and _____with a country club because golf is his favorite____.(affiliate,deficit)

3-4. Gail didn't ____from smoking cigarettes until her employer made not smoking ____.Keeping her job was a very good incentive to get her to quit.(agnostic, benevolent)

5-6. Some people think that since Stan is a(n)____, he must be amoral. It's true he's not sure if God exists, but that doesn't mean he lacks a moral sense. In fact, he recently founded a ____society at work to raise money for disabled children in the area. (abstain, mandatory)

7-8. The ____ in the township treasury is causing a lot of ____ over whether or not taxes should be raised.(dissent, aspire )

9-10. Because my father _____s to make enough money to send his children to college, he's working hard to make his auto repair business as____ as possible.(diversion, lucrative )

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    If those words are supposed to fit in those blanks in that order, I see only one that is correct.

    Look up each word and start over. Make sure you are putting verbs and nouns and adjectives in the right places.

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