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Need help on the sentence below. Can't decide if it is complex or compound. I know if it didn't have the "and" it would be complex but the "and" is throwing me off.
"They listened to many American recordings, and then they added new ideas to their music.

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    ~ Simple = 1 independent clause
    ~ Compound = 2 independent clauses (each could be a sentence on its own), joined by a FANBOYS conjunction or a semicolon
    ~ Complex = 1 independent clause + at least 1 dependent clause (these have subordinating conjunctions or relative pronouns at/near the start of the clause)
    ~ Compound-complex = 2 independent clauses, joined correctly + at least 1 dependent clause
    (A phrase is a group of words that work together, but DO NOT have subject-verb in them.)

    Let us know what you decide.

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