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6th grade - Lang Arts

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Can you check the following?

Find the verb phrase
1. Will you buy me a drink?
ans: will buy

2. Sam is not going to the dance.
ans: is going

3. Al should have mowed the lawn today. ans: should have mowed

4. Theresa will be playing her clarinet at the concert tonight.
ans: will be playing

5. Rosie could have worked on that project today.
ans: could have worked

6. Tony and Jim have been chosen as finalists at the science fair.
ans: have been chosen

7. My grandmother has carefully repaired the broken vase.
ans: repaired

8. Maria will probably leave for New York on Wednesday.
ans: will leave

Identify whether it is a simple (ss), compound (cd), complex (cx), or compound-complex (cd-cx).
9. I like spring in Idaho even though spring seems to be the shortest season of the four.
ans: cx (complex)

10. I enjoy it because the temperature is pleasant, and everything is green and pretty.
ans: cx (complex)

11. I also love to hear the birds singing in the trees and to watch them building their nests.
ans: cd (compound)

12. Especially when I see the swallows returning to their mud-daubed nests, I know that summer is coming.
ans: cx (complex)

13. In the springtime the days are longer, and the sun shines through the windows, warming my soul with its rays after the gloomy gray days of winter.
ans: cd-cx (compound complex)

14. I can accept the rain and wind since I know that these two elements are important to water the earth and then to dry it back out again.

15. With the rain and sunshine come the flowers, and their bright colors brighten my life.
ans: cx (complex)

16. The wind is sometimes a little bit too much around here; otherwise, there are very few major problems with this season of awakening and hope.
ans: cd-cx (compound complex)

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