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Underline the gerund phrase in each sentence. Then, indicate whether the phrase functions as a subject (S), an object of a preposition (OP), a direct object (DO), an indirect object (IO), or a predicate nominative (PN).

1. Pablo Morales became known as the comeback kid of Olympic swimming.
ANSWER: Olympic swimming, (OP)

2. One of the goals of Morales's mother was having her children learn to swim at an early age.
ANSWER: having her children learn to swim at an early age, (PN)

3. Morales learned quickly, and soon he started winning junior championships.
ANSWER: winning junior championships, (DO)

4. As a student at Stanford University, he attracted attention by winning 11 NCAA championships.
ANSWER: winning 11 NCAA championships, (OP)

5. Competing in the 1984 Olympics brought him one gold medal and two silver medals.
ANSWER: Competing in the 1984 Olympics, (S)

6. Morales surprised everybody by failing to qualify for the 1988 Olympics.
ANSWER: failing to qualify for the 1988 Olympics,(OP)

7. After that, his new goal was earning a law degree.
ANSWER: earning a law degree, (PN)

8. When his mother died in 1991, Morales gave competitive swimming another chance.
ANSWER: swimming, (IO), chance, (DO)

9. Having only seven months to prepare made it difficult for him to qualify for the 1992 Olympics, but he did,
ANSWER: Having only seven months, (S)

10. He touched people's hearts by winning a gold medal in the 100-meter butterfly.
ANSWER: winning a gold medal in the 100-meter butterfly, (OP)

11. Swimmer Pablo Morales's goal was making the 1992 Olympic team.
ANSWER: making the 1992 Olympic team, (PN)

12. Watching Pablo swim at the Olympics was difficult for Pablo's father.
ANSWER: Watching Pablo swim, (S)

13. Mr. Morales coped with the tension by clutching a picture of his late wife.
ANSWER: clutching a picture of his late wife, (OP)

14. Pablo showed a winning style by earning two gold medals.
ANSWER: winning style, (DO), earning two gold medals, (OP)

15. In 1998, Morales returned to the limelight by heading a list of swimmers to be inducted into the International Swimming Hall of Fame.
ANSWER: heading a list of swimmers (OP)

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    8 has only one gerund. The whole gerund phrase is competitive swimming.

    9. You're missing two words in this gerund phrase.

    12. Incomplete phrase

    15. Incomplete phrase

    Everything else is correct.

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