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1 Catriona is deciding how large of a cake to order for a party. She can choose from a 1-layer cake that serves
10 people, a 2-layer cake that serves 20 people, a 3-layer cake that serves 40 people, or a 4-layer cake that
serves 65 people. The cost of the cake increases with its size. Catriona has invited 80 friends to her party.
Of the 80 friends invited, 40% have responded that they will attend, 10% have responded that they might
attend, and 50% have responded that they cannot attend. Catriona wants to buy the least expensive cake that
will serve all of her guests at the party. Which cake should Catriona order?
A the 1-layer cake
B the 2-layer cake
C the 3-layer cake
D the 4-layer cake
2 Shawn is jumping rope for a gym class competition. The winner of the competition will be selected as the
captain of the class soccer team. Shawn thinks he can jump rope for 9 minutes. To win the contest, he
only needs to jump rope for 8 minutes. However, less than half-way into the competition, Shawn trips on
the rope and stops jumping. If Shawn jumped 285 times in 3 minute and 45 seconds, what was Shawn’s
jumping rate?
A 76 jumps per minute
B 35.6 jumps per minute
C 31.7 jumps per minute
D 95 jumps per minute

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