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A 5mile cab ride costs$7.20 a 9 mile cab ride costs $11.60 find a linear equation that models a relationship between cost c and distance d?
Answers are
C =1.44 d +4.40
C=1.10 c +4.40
C=1.29 d+1.70
C=1.10 d +1.70

  • algebra -

    If the formula is c=ad+b, then

    5a + b = 7.20
    9a + b = 11.60

    Solve for a and b.

    Or, note that as the distance increased by 4, the cost increased by 4.40

    So, the slope is 1.1

    That eliminates two of the choices right away. Now just see how much extra there is in each case when multiplying the distance by 1.1

  • algebra -

    Would the answers be c=1.10c+4.40

  • algebra -

    ummm. No

    1.1(5) = 5.5
    5.5+1.7 = 7.2

    c = 1.1d + 1.7

    Did you even try your formula against the data?

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