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When using the BEAM style of evaluation, which of the following is UNLIKELY to occur? (Points : 1)
Writers will probably meet all research needs.
Writers will need multiple examples of all four kinds of sources.
Any single source will probably feature more than one of the BEAM categories.
Writers will only need one source to serve all four functions.

Question 2.2. Synthesizing research is important work for all of the following reasons EXCEPT: (Points : 1)
diversity of opinion.
comprehensive scope.
freedom from complications.
open-ended interpretations.

Question 3.3. Choose the best thesis statement. (Points : 1)
Parents should regulate the amount of television their children watch.
Even though television can be educational, parents should regulate the amount of television their children watch.
While television can be educational, parents should regulate the amount of television their children watch because it inhibits social interaction, shortens children's attention spans, and isn't always intellectually stimulating.

Question 4.4. Course textbooks are useful resources for all of the following reasons, EXCEPT (Points : 1)
They provide a short overview of the topic.
They help researchers understand the specialized language of a field.
They feature the most recent academic debates on the topic.
They give readers a general sense of the important topics in the field.

Question 5.5. Choose the best thesis statement. (Points : 1)
The federal government has had a courteous and supportive relationship with Planned Parenthood and other women’s health facilities for decades; however, funding from federal coffers should not be spent on procedures that are deemed unethical and murderous in the eyes of taxpayers.
In this paper, I will explain my views on abortion.
This paper will show that women’s health issues are important in America today and why Planned Parenthood should continue to receive federal funding.

Question 6.6. Which thesis sentence best addresses a counter-argument? (Points : 1)
Although texting while driving is known to cause distraction behind the wheel, making texting while driving illegal would not solve the problem.
People have a right to talk on cell phones while driving if they want to.
Teenagers are most likely to text while driving and it is dangerous.
Bluetooth and hands-free technology is gaining popularity in the American auto industry.

Question 7.7. A thesis statement can be written as a question. (Points : 1)

Question 8.8. How are exhibit sources MOST relevant to researchers? (Points : 1)
They encourage readers to interpret evidence and think critically.
They establish the undisputed facts of the topic.
They make a convincing argument on one side of the debate.
They display various works of art from different historical eras.

Question 9.9. Which of the following BEST describes the purpose of a thesis? (Points : 1)
to respond to one or more researchers’ positions
to prove a point
to present a straightforward definition of the topic
to cite relevant evidence to support your argument

Question 10.10. Which of the following considerations is NOT an important question to ask when choosing a database? (Points : 1)
Does the database provide full-text or abstracts?
Are the articles in the database difficult to understand?
Does the database offer electronic delivery?
How current are the publications?

Question 11.11. Failure to correctly identify the difference between scholarly and popular sources can lead to all of the following consequences EXCEPT: (Points : 1)
It can show that your research is well rounded.
It can undermine your own argument and render it less persuasive.
It can challenge your credibility as a trustworthy researcher.
It can cause you to misuse sources.

Question 12.12. Which of the following BEST describes the use of subjectivity and opinions in a research project? (Points : 1)
Emotions are irrelevant to research and must be eliminated.
Opinions should be used to beliefs upon the audience.
Emotions and subjectivity do not influence logic.
Opinions should be questioned and perhaps changed during research.

Question 13.13. How are method sources MOST relevant to researchers? (Points : 1)
They provide readers with claims to dispute evidence.
They provide readers with materials to accept basic premises as truthful.
They offer readers a particular procedure or perspective to assess usefulness.
They offer readers concrete data or examples to assess claims.

Question 14.14. Which of the following is NOT a reason to use subject-specific databases? (Points : 1)
They offer a good place to start research.
They represent the full range of a particular field.
You do not find what you need in a general database.
Too many topics are covered in a general database.

Question 15.15. Which of the following is the BEST way to begin the research process? (Points : 1)
Look for information that only supports your views.
Look for information that is easiest to access.
Look for a compelling conversation among scholars.
Look for a complex problem to seek a solution to.

Question 16.16. When you contribute to a research conversation, which of the following skills is NOT strictly necessary? (Points : 1)
demonstrating careful thinking
offering original ideas and research
reviewing the work of others
drawing inferences and conclusions

Question 17.17. Research skills are primarily valued for which of the following reasons? (Points : 1)
their role in aiding memorization
their aid in problem solving
their necessity in entry-level job positions
their assistance in helping students finish exams

Question 18.18. We can expect that the work of research will NOT provide us with which of the following? (Points : 1)
alternative perspectives
new variables to consider
clear and definitive solutions
tacit values

Question 19.19. Researchers are LEAST likely to want to know which of the following from their sources? (Points : 1)
how other researchers have framed their questions
what existent data proved useful
popular opinions on their topic
false starts other researchers have taken

Question 20.20. The concept of “search construction” allows researchers to do all of the following, EXCEPT: (Points : 1)
find synonyms for key words.
identify potential search terms.
specify relationships between key terms.
keep their searches as broad as possible.

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