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How can doctor and teacher can be independent, have achievement, recognition and affection?

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    Are you comparing careers?

    Are you getting ready to write a book?

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    comparing career only

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    Go here to find details about what is involved in each career: preparation, etc. Use their search feature.

    1. Brainstorm all the information you find about one of your topics on one page.
    2. Brainstorm all the information you find about the other topic a second page.
    3. Then put them together in this order:

    1. Intro
    2. All about topic A
    ~~~2A. detail 1
    ~~~2B. detail 2
    ~~~2C. detail 3
    ~~~2D. detail 4
    ~~~2E. detail 5
    3. All about topic B
    ~~~3A. detail 1
    ~~~3B. detail 2
    ~~~3C. detail 3
    ~~~3D. detail 4
    ~~~3E. detail 5
    4. Concl.

    The number of details for each topic will vary depending on your main points. I would include comparisons (how they are similar) in the introduction and conclusion, but sections 2 and 3 and all those details will be stating and explaining how they are different.

    There are two recognized patterns for writing comparison/contrast papers. One is casually referred to as "zig-zag,” but can be very confusing for the reader if you don’t use transitions effectively. The other is topic-by-topic (which is what I've outlined above) and is much easier for the reader to follow.

    See for further help with comparison/contrast writing.

    Once you have organized your information into an outline, please post it if you’d like feedback from someone here.

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    YW! Be sure to let us know what your outline looks like if you want input before you write your paper.

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