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It is possible to determine the ionization energy for hydrogen using the Bohr equation. Calculate the ionization energy for an atom of hydrogen, making the assumption that ionization is the transition from n=1 to n=infinity.
I don't know how to solve this problem.

A. -2.18 x 10-18 J
B. +2 .18 x 10-18 J
C. +4.59 x 10-18 J
D. -4.59 x 10-18 J
E. +4.36 x 10-18 J

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    1/wavelength = R(1/1^2 - 0)
    Note: that last term is 1/n^2 but if n = infinity then 1/infinity is zero.
    R = Rydberg constant = 1.0973E7
    Solve for wavelength in meters then E =hc/wavelength to solve for energy in joules. You may want to change that to electron volts.

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    =2.18*10^-18 J B IS THE ANSWER

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