March 26, 2015

Homework Help: Language Art (Please Check...again)

Posted by #1Student on Wednesday, March 5, 2014 at 1:34pm.

1)Resilient people usually
a)complain when they have bad luck
b) bring good luck to others
c)are able to deal with others**

2)when the someone refers to pausing to " enjoy the view of the trees and the flowers below," he really is talking about

a) looking down at the view from the mountains
b) giving up the struggle to focus on his past successes**
c) being inspired by the beauty of the scenery
d)taking pleasure in the challenges he's already overcome

3) why can there be a surprise upside to life's downturns

a) they can make you a different person
b)they can keep you from becoming stronger
c)they can make you realize that you can get through anything **
d)they can keep you from depending on others except during emergencies

4)which of these sentences below using direct address is punctuated correctly?

a) "Please come with me,Sarah and Tom,to pick Mom's birthday present."**
b) "Please come with me, Sarah and Tom to pick Mom's birthday present".
c) "Please come with me,Sarah,Tom and pick Mom's birthday present".!
d) "Please come with me Sarah and Tom, to pick up Mom's birthday present

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