February 24, 2017

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Posted by Sandy on Sunday, March 2, 2014 at 12:21am.

1) List a series of tests that would determine the order of activity (least active to most active) for Zn, Mn, and Ag.

2) What would be the reaction for the addition of excess OH- ions to Mg(NO3)2 and Cu(NO3)2?
This is a complex ion forming reaction.

Would the complete ionic equation be 2OH-(aq) + Cu(OH)2(s)= Cu^2+(aq) + 4OH-(aq) for the Cu(NO3)2 and 2OH- + Mg(OH)2 (s)= Mg^2+(aq) + 4OH-(aq)for Mg(NO3)2? What would the net ionic be then for both equations? Would the Mg(NO3)2 be able to form a precipitate in this reaction with the OH-ions?

3) Likewise, What are the reactions for the addition of excess NH3(aq) to Mg(NO3)2 and Cu(NO3)2? Net ionic and complete ionic formulas?

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