March 29, 2015

Homework Help: Educational tech (Please check my answers)

Posted by Hannah on Tuesday, February 25, 2014 at 4:59pm.

Which of the following terms refers to legal protection provided against copying, distributing, performing, or changing both published and unpublished works?
a. Intangible property
b. tangible property
c. copyright******
d. intellectual property

What is piracy?
a. The use of copyright in federal court
b. copying, downloading, reproducing, or distributing material without permission ******
c. exercising your intellectual property rights
d. giving others permission to use your tangible property.

what is covered by the term intellectual property?
a. Copyrighted material, plus intangible things like ideas, music, the written word, or pictures.********
b. anything that is owned and can be touched
c. any item immune from piracy that is also purchased
d. property that is available for public use.

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