March 3, 2015

Homework Help: ss --- check my work!!!

Posted by TTR+S<3 on Monday, February 24, 2014 at 8:08pm.

hi, can someone check my work asap!??

1. Which was the last country to challenge the United States' control of Oregon? (1 point)

2. What allowed people from both Britain and the United States to settle in Oregon country? (1 point)
Manifest Destiny
joint occupation***
Oregon country occupation

3. Mountain men made their living as (1 point)
fur trappers.***

4. Among the first settlers of the Oregon country after trappers were the (1 point)

5. About the defenders of which place did Santa Anna say, "The Texans fought more like devils than like men"?
(1 point)
San Jacinto
the Alamo***

6. What group took the law into their own hands in Gold Rush society?
(1 point)

7. Founded by the Mormons, which city was originally called Deseret?
(1 point)
San Diego
Santa Fe
Salt Lake City***

8. Which of the following made the largest single migration in history?
(1 point)
Gold Rush miners
Gold Rush merchants

9. In mining towns during the California Gold Rush, how was public order maintained? (1 point)
Vigilance committees of concerned citizens acted as police, judge, jury, and, when required, executioner.***
The police caught, tried, and then sent lawbreakers to federal prisons in New Mexico.
To maintain order, U.S. marshals were assigned to the mining regions of California.
Native American groups along with church officials caught, tried, and imprisoned lawbreakers.

10. ". . . The whole number of souls now on the road may be set down in round numbers at twelve thousand. From two to three thousand have disappeared from Nauvoo in various directions. . . . This comprises the entire Mormon population that once flourished in Hancock [County]. In their palmy days they probably numbered between fifteen and sixteen thousand souls, most of whom are now scattered upon the prairies, bound for the Pacific slope of the American continent." –Account of Mormon migration from the Sangamo Journal (Springfield, Illinois), July 23, 1846Which statement best describes why the Mormons left Illinois? (1 point)
They were looking for better farmland.
They wanted to settle where they could safely practice their religion.
They sought to settle in a mild climate.
They had split away from their leader Brigham Young.

I dont know the last one. (im going for the first 2 anwers though)
help asap would be greatly appreciated!
thanx in advance!:)

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