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1. Which statement best explains why the Louisiana Purchase of 1803 was important to the development of the United States?

It created new taxes on imported goods.
It resulted in immigration from France to the United States.
It doubled the size of the country.
It encouraged Native Americans to settle more land in the West.

2. What was one event that helped make the United States a world power?

The country experienced the Great Depression.
The country fought in World War I.
The country signed the Peace of Paris.
The country fought in the French and Indian War.

3. What was one important political result of the Canadian constitution of 1982?

Quebec became an independent nation.
English became the official language of Canada.
Canada became completely independent.
A monarchy was established in Canada.

4. The United States and Canada have worked to solve environmental problems such as water pollution, soil erosion, and

acid rain.
tariffs on imported goods.
free trade.
cultural cooperation.

5. Why did English settlers come to America?

to find gold
to become fur traders
to start a new life
to become missionaries

6. How did the doctrine of Manifest Destiny in the United States affect the development of the country in the 1800s?

Many Americans moved westward across the continent to settle new territories.
Many Americans moved to European countries looking for work.
Americans encouraged Native Americans to move eastward across the country.
Americans wanted to develop the eastern coast of the United States.

7. How did the Industrial Revolution affect the poor in the late 1800s?

The city slums emptied.
The life of the poor did not improve.
Poverty was eliminated.
The life of the poor improved greatly.

8. Under the terms of the Treaty of Paris in 1763, which country gained complete control over Canada?

the United States
Great Britain

9. As a result of the British North American Act of 1867, Canada had its own

central government.

10. Which country is the biggest trading partner of the United States?

Great Britain

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