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1. A company decides to add a new program that prepares randomly selected sales personnel to increase their number of sales per month. The mean number of sales per month for the overall population of sales people at this national company is 25 with a standard deviation of 4. The mean number of sales per month for those who participated in the new program was 29. Compute the effect size of the new sales program.

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    If you are comparing two means, you need to have the SEm, which requires knowledge of n. You do not supply that value.

    Z = (mean1 - mean2)/standard error (SE) of difference between means

    SEdiff = √(SEmean1^2 + SEmean2^2)

    SEm = SD/√n

    If only one SD is provided, you can use just that to determine SEdiff.

    Find table in the back of your statistics text labeled something like "areas under normal distribution" to find the proportion/probability related to the Z score.

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    (29-25)/4= 4/4= 1

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    A residential treatment facility tests a new group therapy for patients with self-destructive behaviors. The therapists hope to decrease scores on a measure of self-destructive behaviors that has a mean in the overall residential treatment population of 35 and a standard deviation of 4.7. The mean score for the patients after the new group therapy is 27.
    What is the effect size of the new group therapy?

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