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Physics 1

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The drawing shows three particles far away from any other objects and located on a straight line. Particle B is located in the middle of particles A and C. The distance between particles A and B is 0.500 m. The distance between particles B and C is 0.250 m. The masses of these particles are mA = 342 kg, mB = 542 kg, and mC = 126 kg. Take the positive direction to be to the right. Find the net gravitational force, including sign, acting on (a) particle A, (b) particle B, and (c) particle C.

  • Physics 1 -

    draw the diagram. Compute forceAB, and force BC. Trmember force AC.

    Force A=AC+AB
    Force C= CA+CB
    forece on B= AB+BC (watch directions).

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