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A 10-kg box is at rest on a horizontal frictionless surface, at the end of an unstretched horizontal spring with constant k = 4000 N/m. The mass is then quickly struck with a hammer that imparts an impulse along the horizontal direction, compressing the spring a maximum distance of 38.73 cm. a) What is the speed of the box when it passes back through the equilibrium point? (b) What is the maximum magnitude of acceleration of the box and (c) where does it occur? (d) What is the magnitude of the impulse that was imparted from the hammer to the box?

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    a. 1/2 m v^2=1/2 k x^2 where x is the compressed distance, solve for v.
    b. Max acceleration? where is max force? Force=kx

    c. impluse=changmomentum=mv

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