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Physical Science

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No system is completely closed off from its surroundings. Which represents a system that is almost completely closed?

a capped soda bottle

a wood-burning fireplace

a washing machine

a pot of boiling water
I believe it is A.

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    I agree. It feels the temperature outside it but that is all really. The others all connect directly with the surroundings.

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    You are correct, a closed system is a system (anything is a system) that is almost completely closed off from its surroundings, note I said ALMOST. Nothing is completely closed off. So what is a closed off system? It is a system that lets nothing come in and nothing come out. So if I fill up a bathtub with the plug in, then I turn off the water, it is a closed system because no water is coming in or out. But if I take the plug out it is now an open system because water is leaving it.

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    a capped soda bottle

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    Yea, that's correct.

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