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A cart on a horizontal, linear track has a fan attached to it. The cart is positioned at one end of the track, and the fan is turned on. Starting from rest, the cart takes 4.22 s to travel a distance of 1.44 m. The mass of the cart plus fan is 350 g. Assume that the cart travels with constant acceleration.
1)What is the net force exerted on the cart-fan combination?
2)Mass is added to the cart until the total mass of the cart-fan combination is 733 g, and the experiment is repeated. How long does it take for the cart, starting from rest, to travel 1.44 m now? Ignore the effects due to friction.

1)d=a*t^2/2 1.44=(a*4.22^2)/2 a=.1617
F=ma F=.35*.1617 F=.0566N

2) so I got problem 1 right but I'm not sure how to approach/start question 2.

any help is appreciated

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    F = .0566 N still
    m = .733
    a = F/m = .0772
    1.44 = .5 (.0772) t^2
    t = 6.11 s

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    Wow it was that easy. Thank You!!!

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