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More Rational Exponents!

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1. The optimal height h of the letters of a message printed on pavement is given by the formula . Here, h= (0.00252d^(9/4))/e d is the distance of the driver from the letters and e is the height of the driver’s eye above the pavement. All of the distances are in meters. Explain how to find h when d = 90 m and e = 1.4 m.


(27a^(-6) )^(-2/3)

For 2 I got 1/(9a^4 )as my answer, but can someone again please check this.

For 1 I really do not know, I have been trying to figure out for a while.

Please check and help me for 1, and please help with 2. 1 is from another thing, but no one has answered it.

I will appreciate the help. Also, please try to answer these two as soon as possible.

  • More Rational Exponents! - Correction for Mistake -

    I did mean to put "For 1 I really do not know, I have been trying to figure it out for a while." instead of what I put. Just saying this, so no one will get confused at that point.

  • More Rational Exponents! - Is Anyone there? Ms. Sue? Damon? Steve? Reiny? -

    Is anyone there? I'm still here, and will be until it gets answered. I will still appreciate it if you guys can answer these.

  • More Rational Exponents! - Possible Answer for 1. -

    For 1, I think the answer is this:

    First, you replace the variables with 90 and 1.4 to get this equation: (0.00252∙〖90〗^(9/4))/1.4. Next, you turn the 〖90〗^(9/4)into ∜(〖90〗^9 ). Then, I turn ∜(〖90〗^9 )into 3∜(〖10〗^9 ), and simplify 3∜(〖10〗^9 )to 9∜10. Next, I divide o.oo252 by 1.4 to get 0.0018. Then, my next equation is: 0.0018∙9∜10. Finally, I multiply 0.0018 and 9 together to get 0.0162, and my final answer is 0.0162∜10

    Is my answer correct? Please check it to make sure that it is correct or not? Also, if it is incorrect, please help me correct my mistakes. I will appreciate it if any of you guys do.

  • More Rational Exponents! - Please Help!!!!!!!!! -

    If anyone can answer or help me for these two problems, please do. I will appreciate it even more if you can answer and/or check the problems as soon as possible. I have been waiting and trying to answer it for a long time. My mom wants me to get my lesson done on this topic today, and I am stuck at this point, which is really close to the end. Also, thank you if anyone can help or answer these two problems.

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