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Homework Help: Art-plz check!!

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1. This American monument was inspired by Ramses’ Abu Simbel.

Washington Monument
Mount Rushmore
Statue of Liberty
Lincoln Monument

2. Ramses’ first temple at Abu Simbel intended to send this message.

a message of celebration and joy
a message of welcome
a message of fear and power
a message to guide visitors to the capital

3. James Montgomery Flagg used this kind of advertising technique in his WWI recruitment poster featuring Uncle Sam, a respected and admired symbol.

the rich-and-famous technique
a testimonial
use of an icon

4. This is the name of the cloth woven in Ghana that is often used as an indicator of a person’s status.


5. This North African garment is loose-fitting and related to the toga.


6. This is formed when a group of artists with similar styles band together.

art movement
art style
art history
art expression

7. This happens as symbolic, traditional dress in Africa is replaced with Western styles of clothing.

The dress becomes more popular.
The dress loses its meaning.
The meaning of the dress changes.
both b and c

8. The American landscape painters of the late 19th century painted the western landscape of the United States. Their paintings could best be described as this.

very realistic

9. If you wanted to transfer the image of a postcard to a larger sheet of paper, you would use this process.

rich-and-famous technique
gesture drawing
mural drawing
scale drawing

10. This is the illusion of distance in a two-dimensional artwork acheived by altering the value and intensity of color and the detail.

linear perspective
atmospheric perspective
haze perspective
aeronautic perspective

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