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Dividing Radicals Problem!!

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Divide the following radical and simplify the answer.




D. (24+210√2+64√3+560√6)/9736

Can someone please help. I did it the first time and put d as my answer, and I got it wrong. I did it again, and now I think it is A.

Please answer as soon as possible. I will appreciate it.

Also, please give me a walk through.

  • Dividing Radicals Problem!! -

    I got A

  • Dividing Radicals Problem!! -

    Thank you Damon. You helped a lot, but can you also explain how you got A as well. If you can't explain, it is alright with me, but I do want an explanation on how to get the answer as well. Thank you though, it will help me.

  • Dividing Radicals Problem!! -

    (-3-2sr48) = (-3 -8sr3)* (70sr2+8)
    ---------- = --------- * -------
    14 sr50-8) = (70sr2-8)* (70sr2+8)

    = -210sr2-560sr6-24-64sr3
    = ----------------------
    = (4900*2) - 64

    = 24 +210sr2 +64sr3+560sr6
    = -------------------------

  • Dividing Radicals Problem!! -

    Thank you Damon. I now understand how you got A. I got the answer by doing another way than you did, but i guess we are both right in a way. Your explanation helped me a lot. Thank you again.

  • Dividing Radicals Problem!! -

    You are welcome :)

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