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Algebra - Dividing Radicals

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A landowner wishes to construct a fence around a small section of her property. The fence is rectangular and is (3√5)/√7 meters wide and (2√3)/√5 meters long. What is the exact perimeter of the fence? (Recall that the perimeter is the sum of each individual side of a shape.)

A.√5+√3 meters

B.(3√35)/7+(2√15)/5 meters

C.(6√35)/7+(4√15)/5 meters

D.6√5+4√3 meters

I did B. and got it wrong, so I know it is not that, but when I divide the radical, I don't get any of the answers. Please help!

Also, if you can provide a walk through, it would be great.

I know how to do up until I get to (3√35)/7, and (2√15)/5. But I do not know what to do after that.

It would be great if someone could answer as soon as possible.

  • Algebra - Dividing Radicals -

    My next answer is C., but can someone please check it to see if it is correct.

  • Algebra - Dividing Radicals -

    perimeter= 2L+2
    = 2* 3√5)/√7 + 2*(2√3)/√5

    = 6*sqrt35 /7 + 4 sqrt 15/5

    That looks like C

  • Algebra - Dividing Radicals -

    Thank you,bobpursley. You are good at this, I have doing this problem for a while now, and it looks like it has been solved. Some of the posts before, are this same problem with more things added to is, so don't pay attention to the ones that say Dividing radicals before this one. Thank you again, you saved me a lot of time.

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