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College Chemistry

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calculate the initial concentration of SCN- ions and Fe3+ ions when a solution was prepared by mixing 3.00mL of 0.00280M KSCN, 6.00 mL of 0.250M Fe(NO3)3 and 16ml of 0.050M HNO3.

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    You can do this one of several ways. Some are longer than others but all give the same answer. The easy way I think is to just recognize that the initial concn of EACH reagent in the mixture is diluted and solve it that way.

    What's the total volume? That's 3.00 + 6.00 mL + 16 mL = 25 mL.
    So you diluted KSCN from 3 mL to 25 mL so the new concn is
    0.0028M x (3/25) = ?
    tough, eh?
    Likewise you can calculate the concn of each of the other reagents in the mixture.
    If you wish you may use the dilution formula of
    c1v1 = c2v2
    c = concn
    v = volume
    0.0028*3 = c2*25
    Solve for c2

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    Describe how you could separate the components of a mixture of PbCl2 and NaSO4 and recover the two substances.

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