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Statistics in Psychology

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19. You measure how much people are initially attracted to a person of the opposite
sex and how anxious they become during their first date. For the following ratio
data, answer the questions below.
Participant Attraction X Anxiety Y
1 2 8
2 6 14
3 1 5
4 3 8
5 6 10
6 9 15
7 6 8
8 6 8
9 4 7
10 2 6
(a) Compute the statistic that describes the relationship here. (b) Compute the
linear regression equation. (c) What anxiety score do you predict for a person
who has an attraction score of 9? (d) When using this relationship, what is the
“ average” amount of error you should expect in your predictions?
20. (a) For the relationship in question 19, what is the proportion of variance accounted
for? (b) What is the proportion of variance not accounted for? (c) Why or
why not is this a valuable relationship?

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