April 19, 2015

Homework Help: Cybersafety and Photo Management ~CHECK MY WORK~

Posted by Wendy on Monday, February 10, 2014 at 8:10pm.

1) Which term, as it relates to the Internet, means to act in an unthinking, unsafe, or disrespectful manner online?

a. Irresponsible behavior
b. Moderate-risk behavior ******
c. Low-risk behavior
d. Responsible Behavior

2) Caley took a bunch of pictures at her birthday party last week. She wants to share them with her friends. Which of the following choices is a low-risk way to do so?

a. Using a password-protected website and making sure only specific friends can see it.
b. Posting them on an unsecured website that she knows he friends will visit ********
c. E-mailing them to a group e-mail list that includes her friends and a few others
d. Posting the pictures on a social media site and tagging her friends.

3) Jim posts a picture on a social media website that might be offensive to some people. The only people who can see the picture are a group of friends he carefully selected because he thought they would find the picture funny and would not be offended by it. Despite his precautions, why might Jim's actions be thought of as irresponsible behavior?

a. The password protection on the website might not work.
b. Posting offensive pictures is disrespectful of the feelings of others. ********
c. Social media sites are never secure
d. Taking humorous photos is irresponsible

4) Which of the following is the most high-risk scenario?

a. Jim e-mails his friends several times a week.
b. Jenna posts pictures of the homecoming dance on her website
c. Tina texts her friend with her address when inviting her to come over.
d. Mark posts his e-mail address to gain access to a dozen online gambling sites *********

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