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ss --- 1 question!!!

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ok, i know i posted the same question a while back but im really nervous about this one. i don't want to get it wrong... someone from connexus can help me? Anonymous?

The Industrial Revolution led to changes as the U.S. became more economically independent. Which of these changes occurred during this time?
A. Cities began to grow, because individuals moved from farms looking for education.
B.Low taxes allowed people to invest in small business.
C.The Second Bank of the United States closed because of corruption.
D.Cities provided safe conditions, and a variety of opportunities

as i said before, i think/know its A, but mom thinks its D!! i know this question is stupid an both are right but i think its A strongly. but i am having second thoughts...
help pls asap!!!

  • ss --- 1 question!!! -

    As Bobpursley said before, this is a badly written question and bunch of answer choices.

    The answer is probably A, except that they were looking for work, not education necessarily.

    Cities then and now were/are not always safe. That hasn't changed in centuries. However, cities did provide opportunities that the wide-open spaces didn't.

  • ss --- 1 question!!! -

    it was B suprisingly

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