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Posted by Nicole M on Tuesday, February 4, 2014 at 5:43pm.

2. According to the continental drift theory, which of the following land regions should show the greatest similarities in fossil types? (1 point)

A) east coast of South America and west coast of Africa
B) east coast of South and west coast of South America
C) northern coast of South America and southern coast of Eurasia
D) northern coast of Africa and southern coast of South America

8. Which abiotic factor is essential to all aquatic ecosystems except ocean hydrothermal vents, and why? (1 point)

A) phytoplankton, because it provides a source of food
B) salt, because it provides a source of minerals
C) deep water, because it provides the necessary environment for organisms to move about***
D) sunlight, because it provides a source of energy

10. A plant native to a desert in the Southwest U.S. is transplanted to the tundra region. The plant dies a few weeks after being moved. Which of the following factors in its new location could have been critical to its inability to survive the move? (1 point)

A) temperature***
B) amount of shade
C) water availability
D) carbon dioxide availability

(I honestly have no idea about #2)

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