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EASY Volume of shapes

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The right triangular prism has bases that are equilateral triangles. The height is 8 in and the side of the base is 5 in , what is the prism's volume?

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    area = area of base x heigh
    so the hard part is to find the area of the equilateral triangle with sides 5
    1. easiest way:
    area = (1/2) side^2 x sin60 = (1/2)(25)*√3/2
    = 25√3

    2. draw in the height of the triangle, call it h
    h/5 = sin60
    h = 5sin60
    area = (1/2)(base x height)
    = (1/2)(5)(5√3/2) = 25√3
    (same as abov)

    volume of prism = 25√3(8) = 200√3 cubic inches

  • EASY Volume of shapes -

    thanks for the help

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