March 30, 2015

Homework Help: socialstudies(CHECK ANSWERS)

Posted by anna on Friday, January 31, 2014 at 1:13am.


please check my answers and if there wrong maybe you could tell me the correct one.but thanks anyways.

1. How did the formation of the National Action Party change Mexican politics?

A.It ended the one-party system.
B.It consolidated power among a few key leaders.
C.It ended the revolution.(I PICK THIS)
D.It lessened the power of the president.

2. It is hard for children in rural areas to get an education because

A.their families do not want them to get one.
B.schools are overcrowded.
C.they have no way to get to school.
D.the government will not fund rural schools.(I PICK THIS)

3. What has been the result of free-market policies in Mexico?

A.greater economic growth(I PICK THIS)
B.less trade with other countries
C.poor relations with the United States
D.increased profits for small farmers

4. What effect do remittances most likely have on Mexican families?

A.They encourage them to work harder.
B.They make it possible for more people to become U.S. citizens.
C.They discourage them from working for reform.(I PICK THIS)
D.They increase their dependence on the U.S. economy.

5. Free trade has led to more manufacturing jobs in Mexico because it

A.drives up the cost of agricultural goods.(I PICK THIS)
B.makes it cheaper to export goods to the United States.
C.encourages tourism between the two countries.
D.makes American goods less expensive.

6. Which issue has likely contributed most to political unrest in Mexico over the past century?

A.foreign trade rights(I PICK THIS)
C.wealth distribution
D.presidential powers

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