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Homework Help: science --- check my answers!

Posted by TTR+S<3 on Thursday, January 30, 2014 at 1:22pm.

help pls asap!!!!! check my answers!!!

4.) A certain object has a volume of 25.0 mL and a mass of 100g. What is the density of the object?
a)0.250 g/mL
b) 4.00/mL***
c)125 g/mL
d) 2500 g/mL

5.)Which of the following is a chemical property of aluminum?
a)The melting point of aluminum is 660ºC
b)The boiling point of aluminum is 2219ºC
c)Aluminum does not dissolve in water.
d)Aluminum reacts with oxygen***

6.)Table salt has the chemical formula NaCl. Table sugar has the chemical formula C12 H22 O11. Which of the following is true?
a) Both compounds are held together by chemical bonds.***
b) Both compounds have the same density.
c) Both compounds react with water.
d) Both compounds contain the element carbon.

7.) Kelly needs to separate a mixture of sand ans sawdust. She tried using tweezers to pick out the pieces of sawdust, but that didn't work. Her grandfather suggested she use water. how will water help Kelly separate the mixture?
a) The sand will dissolve in water, but the sawdust will not.
b) The sand will react with water, but the sawdust will not.
c) The sand will sink in water, but the sawdust will float in water.***
d) The sand will float in water, but the sawdust will sink in water.

8.) Which of the following is a pure substance? Choose all that apply
a) fruit juice
b) nickel (Ni)***
c) saltwater
d) rust (Fe2 O3)***

9.) A student combined water, sugar, and salt in a beaker. Which of the following statements true.
a) The individual substances can be separated by physical means.***
b) The individual substances cannot be separated by physical means.
c) A new substance is made of two or more elements chemically combined.
d) A new substance is made containing atoms that have been rearranged.

10.) A mixture of sugar and water can be separated by _________________. Choose all that apply (2 points)
a) using a magnet
b) boiling the mixture
c) evaporating the mixture***
d) using a filter

pls help asap!!!

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