March 29, 2015

Homework Help: math

Posted by Annabelle on Sunday, January 26, 2014 at 5:29pm.

hey everyone can you guys please answer these 5 questions or 3 or 2 how many you want to answer I just need answers for these last 5 since I did the rest and thanks to you all because I do appreciate this.

1.The length of the driveway shown on a blueprint is 2 inches. If the actual length of the driveway is 20 feet, what is the scale of the blueprint?
1 in. = 1 ft
1 in. = 2 ft
1 in. = 10 ft
1 in. = 40 ft

2.Marcus built a model car that is 4 inches wide. What scale was used to build the car if the actual width of the car is 6 feet?

1 in. = 2 ft
1 in. = 2.5 ft
1 in. = 1.5 ft
1 ft = 1.5 in.

3.You use a scale of 1 inch = 5 ft to make a drawing of your garden. If the actual garden is 25 ft wide how wide is your drawing?

30 in
3 in.
12.5 in.
5 in.

4.The scale on a map of the United States is 1 cm = 40 mi. If the distance between Albany, NY and Chicago, IL, on the map is 21 cm, what is the actual distance between the cities?

840 mi
804 mi
800 mi
840 cm

5. India made a scale drawing of her bedroom using a scale of 1 cm = 6 inches. What is the height of the drawing of her bookcase if it is actually 24 inches tall?

144 cm
3 cm
4 cm
4 in.

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