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1. Which of the following was NOT a factor in the decline of Buddhism in India?
A. Hinduism’s increasing appeal

B. Buddhism’s reinforcement of the Indian caste system

C. Hinduism’s increasing religious ardor

D. The growing attractiveness of bhakti to the Indian masses

is it B

2. In India, Muslims:
A. destroyed the caste system.

B. converted many lower caste Hindus to Islam.

C. gave up the tradition of purdah which they practiced elsewhere.

D. converted to Buddhism in large numbers between 800 and 930 C.E.

is it B

3. The Burmese and Thai originally came from, respectively:
A. Manchuria and Taiwan.

B. Tibetan highlands and southwestern China.

C. Sinkiang and Nepal.

D. South India and Honshu.

is it B

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    1 agree B
    2 agree B
    3 agree B

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    I am in the middle of reading a book: Lincoln Paine, "The Sea and Civilization" or I would be of little use here.

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