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socialstudies(CHECK ANSWERS) 10Qs

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please check them !

1. The Aztecs adapted to their environment mainly by

A.using terracing and irrigation to farm. a nomadic hunter-gatherer lifestyle. peacefully with neighbors.
D.settling along the coasts where they could fish.(I PICK THIS)

2. Why did Aztecs build chinampas? defend against attackers protect their food stores provide additional farmland(I PICK THIS) escape the Spanish

3. How did the Aztec become so powerful?

A.They allied with the Spanish.
B.They conquered and enslaved many neighboring peoples.(I PICK THIS)
C.They traded with Europeans for advanced weapons.
D.They isolated themselves from other indigenous peoples.

4. Which of the following contributed to the defeat of the Aztecs?

B.enslaved Africans
D.smallpox(I PICK THIS)

5. How has Aztec culture survived in Mexico?

A.The Mexican military uses Aztec fighting tactics.
B.Mexico still uses the Aztec calendar.
C.The Mexican people have adopted many Nahuatl words into their language.(I PICK THIS)
D.An Aztec palace in Mexico City serves as the capital building.

6. What feature of the Aztec capital of Tenochititlán is still in use in Mexico City today?

A.the Z├│calo
B.the sewage system
C.the public baths
D.the aqueducts(I PICK THIS)

7. The mestizo resulted from______

A.Aztec engineering.
B.the blending of Aztec and Spanish people.(I PICK THIS)
C.the adoption of Aztec language by the Spanish.
D.the building of floating gardens.

8. Based on your knowledge of the Aztec and the Spanish, why do you think civilizations build empires? acquire more resources(I PICK THIS) please their gods protect trade expand rights to more people

9. Given what you learned about the Aztec, what is likely a major weakness of empires?

A.They lack resources.(I PICK THIS)
B.They conduct far-flung trade.
C.They make enemies.
D.They have superior weapons.

10.Imagine the Aztec when they first arrived in the Valley of Mexico. They see a vast expanse of lake and wetland dotted with islands. Around them, mountains and volcanoes ring the highland plateau. What did the Aztecs most likely do first?

A.begin building houses on firm ground
B.raise a temple to their gods on the largest island(I PICK THIS)
C.celebrate their new home with fresh fish from the lakes
D.decide whether they could farm in the area

  • socialstudies(CHECK ANSWERS) 10Qs - ,

    I disagree with your answers for 1, 6, and 9.

  • socialstudies(CHECK ANSWERS) 10Qs - ,

    what did you guys get on this??????

  • socialstudies(CHECK ANSWERS) 10Qs - ,

    i had got a 60 because of this website wtf

  • socialstudies(CHECK ANSWERS) 10Qs - ,


  • socialstudies(CHECK ANSWERS) 10Qs - ,

    JADEN OML XD!!! I actually got 100% on a science quiz because of this.

  • socialstudies(CHECK ANSWERS) 10Qs - ,

    This is a rip off i got a 60 on this bull**** if you dont know the right answer dont put nun on here like wtf


  • socialstudies(CHECK ANSWERS) 10Qs - ,

    i got a 100% thanks Mykeal Hurst

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