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College Physics

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Assume that an MX missile goes from rest to a suborbital velocity of 4.50 km/s in 30.0 s (the actual speed and time are classified). What is its average acceleration in m/s2?

What is its average acceleration in multiples of g?

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    acceleration = change in velocity/change in time
    =4500 m/s / 30 s

    = 150 m/s^2

    or about 15 g

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    can you tell me how you got that? I have a test soon and I seriously don't get it

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    I used the definition of acceleration

    acceleration is how much your velocity changes per second.
    so here it is the change in speed which is zero to 4500 m/s (1000 times the 4.5 because that was kilometers)
    in 30 seconds.

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