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1. Select the skill-related component which is defined as the ability to combine strength and speed while you are moving. (1 point)
2. At the paintball field, Wynonna is always the first one on her team to be hit with the paintball and put out of the game. She notices that the paintball strikes her nearly all the time when she is moving between bunkers, even though she is a fast runner. Using her knowledge of skill-related fitness components, Wynonna can expand her time in the game by improving her (1 point)
3. Mandy wants to win the local youth tennis tournament next fall. Her coach has said that her serve is powerful enough, but she suggests Mandy train with a jump rope to improve her ability to cover more ground on the court when she’s playing. Why would her coach suggest using a jump rope to get better at tennis? (1 point)
her agility will likely improve
her backhand will likely be more accurate
her drop shot will likely have more height
her return of serve will likely have more spin
4. A swimmer would like to improve his time in the 100 yard freestyle race. After talking to his coach, he intends to focus on one critical element at the beginning of the race. This swimmer will try to improve his 100 yard freestyle time by improving his (1 point)
power of the recovery stroke.
reaction time to the starter's whistle.
rhythmic breathing technique coordination.
speed of the exhale breath.
5. Claire would like to improve her reaction time in order to get quicker at deflecting punches in her martial arts class. Claire can best develop her reaction time for this type of activity by practicing (1 point)
combination blocks on her own.
combination blocks with a punching partner.
weight training skills.
yoga poses and skills.
6. Helena is motivated to be the starting goalie for her school’s hockey team. She knows that a quicker reaction time will help her stop more shots. Helena can practice this important skill related to being a better goalie by having her teammates (1 point)
form one line and raise their hands prior to shooting the ball.
form two lines with the shooters deciding which line shoots next.
roll the ball on Helena's signal to different areas of the goal.
stick handle the ball to a cone and shoot from that designated spot.
7. Coach Burke was emphasizing proper hitting mechanics during Tuesday’s practice at the ball field. He was extremely impressed to see several of his players hit the ball off the outfield fence and a few over the fence during batting practice. The players increased their hitting distance by (1 point)
choking up on the bat and decelerating their bat speed.
extending their arms and maximizing the bat speed upon contact.
gripping the bat tighter to ensure more control over the swing.
reducing the force of the swing upon contact.
8. When properly kayaking in the water, your posture should be (1 point)
sitting down with your weight balanced evenly from side to side.
sitting down with your head and shoulders forward and a rounded back for stability.
standing up with one foot slightly in front of the other for balance.
standing up with your feet side by side to keep a high center of gravity.
9. In table tennis, returning the serve takes quick movement that combines balance, coordination, posture, and reaction time. If a player needed some coaching on technique to become better at returning serves, one suggestion might be to (1 point)
hold the paddle arm low for faster reaction time.
keep the knees bent for agile movement to occur.
stand perpendicular to the net.
start with the paddle in the non-dominant hand.
10. Which body movement will aid a gymnast in creating more force for her straddle jump? (1 point)
Initiate the jump with very little knee bend.
Keep the arms as still as possible when executing the jump.
Take off from the dominant leg only.
Thrust the body upward from a deep squat position.
11. Colleen is participating in floor hockey for her Physical Education class. Her PE teacher emphasizes the importance of good balance when trying to strike the ball with the hockey stick. How can Colleen maintain good balance when performing this new striking skill? (1 point)
Keep her body in correct alignment.
Maintain a high center of gravity.
Transfer her weight from her toes to her heels.
Transfer her weight from her front foot to her back foot.
12. Keyon is starting his tennis match against a very tough opponent. He knows that managing his body will help his success rate at scoring more points in the game. After serving the ball to his opponent, Keyon should allow his body momentum to carry him (1 point)
backward in anticipation of a deep lob return.
forward into the court area, ready for any return ball.
to the left for a better angle on his backhand.
to the right for a better angle on his forehand.
13. Select the game which is played with two stakes placed 40 feet apart. (1 point)
14. safety device
Select the safety device which is referred to in the picture above.

(1 point)
life jacket
rescue tube
shepherd's crook
water wings

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    My Answers: 1-coordination,2-agility,3-her agility will likely improve. 4-power of the recovery stroke.5- yoga poses and skills. 6-stick handle the ball to a cone and shoot from that designated spot.7-extending their arms and maximizing the bat speed upon contact.8-sitting down with your head and shoulders forward and a rounded back for stability.9-keep the knees bent for agile movement to occur.10-Thrust the body upward from a deep squat position.11-Transfer her weight from her front foot to her back foot.12-to the right for a better angle on his forehand.13-horseshoes. 14-(Nevermind that)

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